Battlegrounds Mobile India Latest 1.5.0 Apk + Obb download from here Official BGMI announced


Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5.0 update is here. You can download it from given links below. The Latest Features of BGMI 1.5.0


  1. New MG3 GUN
  2. Throwing Healing Consumables
  3. New tiers introduced
  4. Mission ignition modes And Much More features is to be reviewed in this article.

BGMI July updated Patch Notes..

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India Latest 1.5.0 Apk + Obb

In the BGMI 1.5.0 update the M249, LMG Gun has been excluded from the Airdrops now is the part of the field drops in all the maps except of Krakin.

The New gun replace the M249 Gun from the airdrop now the MG3 gun will be part of the airdrop supply and the M249 gun will be the part of the field in all of the Maps except the krakin map.

This featurs is good now we can take the M249 Gun from the field and we can easily RUSH on the enemies and take a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Its support the 7.62 mm Ammo in the light machine gun and can hold upto the 75 Ammo and the reloading speed is slow and no one will shot with it as a single shot mode.

Throwing Healing Consumables

Now, In BGMI latest update of 1.5.0 have the features to throw the consumables like you throw the Nade or the Pan as well So, Now you will also able to Throw the consumable to your teammates if they will far away from you and you will easily help of your teammates to take that consumables.

 Some common components include an adrenaline syringe, energy drink, painkiller, bandage, first aid kit, med kit and a gas can.

New Tiers Introduced

The Latest of BGMI has many new tiers after the ACE tier and its awesome and the new royal paas comes with the validity of 30 days of maximum and the chapters also included and in the chapters the new seasons introduced. The Royal Paas is now be Very easy but not that much. Now the ACE Master tier introduced between the ACE and the Conqueror tier.

The update will also overhaul the tier icons and level-up effects and the visuals effects of the tiers. There’s a new tiers point system as well called Challenge Point. 

The collected challenge points is to help the reduced the deducted rank of the tiers if you died in the mid of the game and if your teammates attack on you.

The update also bring the season series rewards for players who achieve the Diamond, Crown and the Ace tiers.

Mission Ignition Modes

The new BGMi also introduced new ignition mode in the ranked erangle map in this mode the player see that the new technology introduced in the erangle map.

New hightech technology introduced and the new skins of vehicles introduced in this update The new technology introduced from the TESLA ltd.

This mode has six high-tech regions of Erangel namely the Transit Center, Georgopol, Tech Center, Sosnovka Security Center, Logistics Agency, and Energy Center. These locations are basically transformed Pochinki, Port of Georgopol, School, Military Base, Yasnaya Polyana, and Mylta Power.

Also have the ASM abanka Gun, Anti Gravity motorcycle riot shields, HyperLines, and autonomous semi-trucks carrying supplies. The Highlights of this mode is G38 Gravity free motorcycle. Which can hover and move on the surface of the land and also on the water. and also have the robot fuel.

Another futuristic addition to the Mission Ignition Mode is the robotic Patrol Dog, which can be found by following the puppy icon in the minimap. The Patrol Dog helps players spot rare and high-end items. Apart from this, there’s a Tactical Marking Device which will let players check the direction of the teammate’s firing, enemy location, street information, and nearby grenade.

Improved Combat Settings New Graphics settings also introduced in the new and the latest BGMI update version 1.5.0

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India Latest 1.5.0 Apk + Obb

If you want to download the latest update of the game you can update from the given link below…

Download latest 1.5.0 update features of the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Latest 1.5.0 Apk + Obb

New Settings of Sensitivity of separate gun sensitivity also introduced in this latest update. If you want to dowload the latest update of the BGMI official apk and the Obb of the latest BGMI.

Battlegrounds mobile india also rolling out the latest update on the playstore if you want to download from playstore you can also update the game from the playstore and also from given link in the article.

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